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We truly believe that you deserve the best resources available when you’ve chosen Real Estate as a career.  Our model of support is unique to Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties and is one of the reasons we’re Hawaii’s #1 Real Estate Company.

Boost Your Potential

Boost Your PotentialIt is indeed smart for a client to consider experience and expertise when they choose a real estate agent. But many look behind the agent to evaluate the resources they can access. That’s why you should choose to affiliate with Coldwell Banker, the #1 real estate company in the state of Hawaii. The proven resources Coldwell Banker put behind you will maximize results for you and your clients.

Extensive Marketing Keeps your Listings Out Front

Extensive MarketingMore than $1million goes into marketing to help you increase your business. It starts with the state’s most prestigious real estate and lifestyle magazine, Island Homes Collection. All Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties listings are included in this popular and well-read magazine until they are sold. Add to that the most extensive open house marketing in the state, including the Star Advertiser and Pacific Business News. Our easy-to-use and flexible CRM keeps you in touch with clients. And no one is on top of the latest in mobile sites and websites like we are. Top all of this off with a variety of resources you can use to create customized marketing materials for your properties and a team of marketing experts you can call upon for ideas and support.

Unmatched Internet Power

63% Visited Home After Seeing OnlineOver 90% of people use the internet as part of their home buying process. That’s why it is a critical component of each client’s marketing plan. Besides our popular website,, we have also made a significant investment with major real estate websites. Your listings will rank high in the search results of top real estate internet sites, representing 30% of all home buyers—Yahoo Real Estate,, Zillow, Trulia, MSN Real Estate and AOL Real Estate. This guaranteed “featured listing status” triples views of your listings.


Immediate Connection with Potential Buyers

45 Seconds to ConnectOur proprietary internet alert system calls you within seconds whenever there is an internet inquiry on your listing. If a buyer sees a yard sign in front of your property, they can either call you on your cell phone (if you’ve included it on your sign rider) or call our central number where they will reach the only staffed real estate call center in Hawaii. These pros will track you down and give you the information you need to follow up on this opportunity.

Experts on Staff reduce Your Risk of Legal Issues

72% Buyers Who Would Use The Same Agent AgainReal Estate transactions can be very complex. And the rules and regulations associated with them are ever-changing and sometimes difficult to interpret. You will have peace of mind knowing that your contracts will be reviewed and your questions answered by some of the most knowledgeable people in our industry. This major investment in the best professional support staff and management, and a commitment to your ongoing training provide a solid foundation for your real estate practice.

Extra Hands Make You More Productive

53 - Average Age of Repeat BuyerYou are most productive when you’re doing what will add real value to your clients. That’s why your office will provide you with some very talented people who will handle details quickly, efficiently and extremely well. We think it’s important for you to be able to spend your time focused on real estate and building your business.

Our Concierge Program Strengthens Client Relationships

40 - Average Number of Weekly Hours Worked by REALTORSThere’s no question that moving to a new home is a hassle. Informing the phone company, the internet company, HECO and others to disconnect service at one place and start it up at another is just the start. Coldwell Banker’s Concierge staff will do this for your clients at no cost. Additionally, our Concierge Program can provide you and your clients with a list of vendors to contact for various homeowner services. This investment in your client’s experience after a transaction is just one more way we help you build long-term relationships with your clients.


Nothing on this webpage is intended to create an employment relationship. Any affiliation by you with Coldwell Banker is intended to be that of an independent contractor sales associate.