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Our commitment to you is to ensure you are well prepared, trained and supported throughout our relationship.  When you select us as your brokerage, you can be assured that we’ll be striving to help you be a professional agent in every sense of the word, especially in the achievement of your goals.

Importance of Training

4" width of an Average Completed FileThe number of pages in a completed real estate contract gives you a clue that real estate is a complex business.  Each of the pages in a contract covers several details that need to be well understood.  Add to that the intricacies of advertising, communication, technology, marketing and negotiation and the complexity grows.  And, of course we know that things evolve and change continually meaning that what you knew yesterday may be outdated today.  That’s why you’ll want to be with Coldwell Banker.  We give you access to a variety of training programs to make sure you’re on top of your game.

New Agents Thrive at NATO: New Agent Training Office

890 - Number of NATO GraduatesMany agents learn “on the job” getting better with each transaction as they learn from their mistakes.  But only at Coldwell Banker, new agents go through New Agent Training, called NATO which gives them real-life training and an extra level of oversight to ensure a good experience for our new agents and their clients.

Our investment in NATO, the most comprehensive training program in the state, underscores the value we place on training—from the start.

Attend CB University to Sharpen Your Skills

Training CB UniversityYou can enroll in CB University classes that are held at least weekly throughout the year to improve your knowledge, enhance your skills and accelerate your capabilities.  This allows you to provide exceptional service to your clients and consistently build your personal success.  Classes cover critical topics such as Fair Housing regulations and a variety of other subjects that help you sharpen your skills.  One example is how to hold a successful open house and then use it to build your business.  Find out what other classes we have on tap.

Continuing Education Made Easy

20 - Annual Continuing Education Hours RequiredHawaii’s Real Estate Commission requires agents to complete 20 hours of Continuing Education (CE) classes each year to keep their real estate license in good standing.  Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties makes it easy for you to take these classes by creating some classes and bringing others to our offices.  It is not an easy task to get classes written and approved by the Real Estate Commission, but we understand their importance to you so we make it a priority.

Your Technology Team and Help Desk Keep You in Business

33% - Own a TabletDid you know that nearly 50% of consumers who acquire a new phone choose a smart phone?  By 2015 it’s projected that one third of people who own a computer will own a tablet, such as an iPad.  When you need to understand how these devices work, how you can use them for your business and how to troubleshoot problems, you can count on your Coldwell Banker Technology (I.T.) team.  These tech “gurus” will provide you with step-by-step information about how to use these new devices and are ready at our Help Desk to answer your questions.  And if you run into a problem with one of our systems or programs, they’ll get things fixed and get you back to business in a snap.

Learn Something New About Technology at Tech Tuesdays

26 Sessions Per YearTechnology isn’t just PC’s, laptops, smart phones and tablets. It’s also understanding new internet sites, web tools, and social media.  The importance of staying current with technology is critical if you want to keep up with your clients and streamline your processes.  That’s why you’ll want to attend our Tech Tuesday classes on an ongoing basis.  There, you can pick up tips to improve your social networking skills, learn how to search and prepare data to share with your clients, discover shortcuts on everyday programs, learn about new internet services, mobile apps and more.

Get Support from a Well-Trained Coach

30 Subject Matter ExpertsManagers at Coldwell Banker receive extensive ongoing training in a breadth of subjects to ensure they are extremely well prepared to support you and your clients.  You can count on them to have answers to sticky questions that may arise in everything from regulatory issues to negotiations and more.   And if they don’t know, they know where to find the answer—either with our internal risk management, marketing, finance and executive management team, or with one of our expert partners.  They are also keenly aware of when it is important to refer you to an expert when your questions fall outside of the scope of our real estate practice.